Honeymon: Bali III the Beaches

Although we live less than 5 miles from the beach, laying out in front of the great expanse of ocean during vacation is one of Jenn’s greatest pleasures. Kyle enjoys it, but could do with some branching out. Our favorite beach in Bali was White Sand Beach, which was gorgeous. We went there first with a private driver, and Jenn ate a whole fish off the bones and washed it down with some Bintang (the ubiquitous lager we drank everywhere on the island).

White Sand Beach White sand beach

The second time, we rented a scooter, navigated the crazy roads and lack of street signs (that’s the best part). They drive on the left side of the road there and lane markers are basically a suggestion in Bali. Everyone feels free to drive on the wrong side of the road as they please.

On the way back from White Sand Beach On the way back from White Sand Beach

Movies & TV 572016 92327 PM.bmp Movies & TV 572016 92133 PM.bmp

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