Honeymoon: Bali II, Beware of the Animals

I love monkeys, but they are not kind to me (Jenn). I really enjoy watching them, as they appear to be mischievous little human-imps, but monkeys and I don’t get along. We visited the monkey temple, which I was super excited about, but monkeys attacked me and ripped bananas out of my hand. When I tried to fend them off, one of them actually bit me on the hand. Rather than risk contracting some monkey disease (Outbreak was deeply terrifying to me as a child), I relented and gave up the bananas. Below on the left, I am pictured at monkey temple #1, already unsure of being too close to these little bastards. Below on the right, see monkey terrorizing me at monkey temple #2:

Monkey temple areaMonkey forest

On the other hand, Kyle seems to do just fine with them. As for me, I’ll stick to the snakes. I think they are cute.

Monkey forest shareBearPic1485




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