Honeymoon: Bali

We arrived in Bali on September 8, 2013 [only about 2.5 years late on this post]. Bali is gorgeous and lush, and we stayed in the northeast part of the island in a sleepy beach town called Candidasa. There’s a small strip of restaurants and bars in the main part of town, and were able to try a lot of the delicious food here during our visit. Though we are usually big fans of street food, the food carts here actually looked a bit dingy and questionable even to us, so we steered clear. The restaurant food was dirt cheap anyways (a traditional Balinese breakfast was around $2.50). We stayed at the Bali Palms Hotel:

Bali Palms Resort, Candidasa, Bali

Everything is super cheap, and you can hire a private driver to drive you around all day for around $30. We hit up Istana Tampak Siring, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Gunung  Gawi, among other fun places. Tirtagangga was a gorgeous temple situated on a big pond, amid lotus flowers and lily pads (see below). Ujung Water Palace was another beautiful one.

Tirtagangga, Bali Tirtagangga Bali

Tirtagangga Bali Tirtagangga Bali


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