Honeymoon: Macau

After our reception, we went to Macau with my parents. Macau is an interesting city in its unique cultural blend. It used to be a colony of Portugal, so Portuguese influence remains in the architecture and cuisine. We walked around the city when we first got there, and checked out some local food and the ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral.

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Macau is basically a Vegas in the middle of Asia. The casinos there look identical to the ones in Vegas; when you walk into the Wynn or MGM here, it literally seems they were cloned in Vegas and plopped down on the other side of the planet. However, as a former Vegas frequenter, I have to say, Vegas takes the cake. More free drinks, more nightlife, and higher ATM limits (even though I don’t even like gambling). We ate twice at a restaurant called Dom Galo, which specializes in Portuguese fusion food. We usually prefer to try as many different places as possible when on vacation, but this place was so good we had to come back two days in a row.

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We did stay in one of the nicest hotels we’ve ever stayed in though. The Grand Lisboa is what one expects of extravagant gambling cities: ornate, elaborate, excessive, and shiny. Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy when we visited. We spent one of our afternoons here drinking in our luxurious hotel room with my brother, then hit up some casinos afterwards.

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