Santa Marta

On day #7 in Colombia, we had breakfast with an ocean view at Creperia, and cabbed over to Santa Marta. We checked into an incredibly cute and unique boutique hotel called Casa De Leda, which is themed after the story of Leda and the Swan (Leda and Zeus the rapist). The hotel came with complimentary breakfast with a great view on the rooftop in the mornings.

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Santa Marta is a bit more laid back than Cartagena and charming in a more quaint way. We weren’t here for long, but I think the vibe here appealed to us even more so than Cartagena. Our first night, we went to a Mexican restaurant just for kicks, and were predictably disappointed. The food was good, but obviously, San Diegans have a high bar for Mexican food. This was probably a poor choice. We topped this off with some ice cream (maracuya for Jenn, of course).

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The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel, checked out the local cathedral, and ate more ice cream. Ron pasas (rum raisin) for Jenn, again, very predictable. We visited the Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino. We then spent some time at the casino, which had suspiciously good Black Jack odds for the player, and went to La Muzzeria for dinner. According to my notes of 2014, we had chicken and pizza. And beers. There were definitely beers involved. Kyle bought a linen drug-lord style shirt, and Jenn bought a soccer jersey, and we all went to a bar to watch the Colombia game. Later in the evening, we cabbed over to Rodadero and had drinks at a rooftop lounge overlooking the ocean. Unfortunately, our phone cameras did not do this place justice.

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