Yosemite II

We stayed in Tuolomne meadows, did several hikes with fantastic views, and had a fun time relaxing with family. We hiked North Dome and took a pretty fantastic family photo at the top of the hike. We spent some time in the valley, walked around, and checked out some trails. Kyle likes to read informational placards. One featured a picture of a Miwok woman, Maria Lebrado, who apparently left Yosemite Valley, came back in 1929, and remarked upon her return, “Look what white man done to my valley… too dirty, too much brushy.”

We drove by Lake Tenaya numerous times coming in and out of our campground and on the way to the valley, and finally had a chance to stop by on our way home. I didn’t bring a bathing suit, but I went in the crisp, clear, aquamarine waters anyway. Yosemite was every bit as gorgeous as it promised to be. For more details on beers consumed during this trip and the breathtaking beauty of the Ahwahnee Hotel (and afternoon tea there), see here.

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