New Hampshire

We went to visit our dear friend Tom in New Hampshire for New Years eve (December 31, 2014). Frank took off a few extra days and got there before us, but we had a nice reunion of San Diego friends in the blistering cold of the East Coast. We took a trip to Bretton Woods, which was a majestic hotel situated on a snowy hill. The hotel was still adorned with classic Christmas decorations; with the view and quiet, classy ambiance, it was a winter wonderland.

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We enjoyed catching up with Tom and hanging out together again. We celebrated new year’s eve in downtown Portsmouth, traversed over to Maine to check out Nubble Lighthouse and eat lobster, and hit up several liquor stores for craft beers. New Hampshire’s mini-marts and liquor stores have excellent beer selections. (More here about the beers we drank while on this trip and the stalker I briefly acquired on New Years Eve).

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