#TBT Malibu 2015

We celebrated our 10-year anniversary (being together, not married) in Malibu last year. I probably had not hung around the Malibu area since attending my friend’s law school graduation here in 2008. Last time we were in LA together, we hit up Getty Museum, so this time we wanted to see Getty Villa. Getty is an awesome dude for his love of architecture and his preservation of fine artwork – all of which is open and free to the public. The museum is much bigger and its architecture is modern. The Villa in contrast is more intimate and has a Mediterranean feel, as it was modeled after an Italian villa that had been destroyed by Vesuvius. Some of it feels less like you’re walking around in a museum and more like you’re chilling in a rich ass person’s mansion and yard. We checked into an adorable bed and breakfast in Topanga Canyon, and went on a scenic, but almost unbearable hike due to the heat. This was probably the hottest summer we’d had in years, and we found ourselves creeping up the hills of Topanga with no shade in 95 degrees or so. Still fun though. After our hike, we went to Malibu Family Wines, shared a bottle of cold Sauv Blanc and enjoyed some live music.  More on our drinks over the weekend here.

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