Saigon – Morning

We arrived Monday morning in Saigon at 5am. We still haven’t had a real sleep since our last night at home Friday night. So we’re a little tired, bit powering through. We dropped off our bags and started our adventure. We saw a number of pretty sights. Independence palace and Notre Dame below and of course had a good laugh and accidental toilet humor.
Then off to get an early morning snack and some yummy Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. The two coffees and the best BBQ pork sandwich I’ve ever eaten were $2.50. the cafe had a view of a park and some cool drawings.
Then we saw some more sights and had some$0.50 fresh oj on the street. Finally we made it back to our hotel to have an afternoon nap so could make it out later tonight. We also saw some people doing some early morning latin dancing that I tried to convince Jenn to join in at, but alas we did not partake.


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