Vietnam begins – Connecting Through Tokyo

We started our trip to Vietnam and we connected through Tokyo. International flights always have free booze, so we started with some nice sake. It even had a nice little shot glass.

The flight was about 12 hours and we watched a bunch of movies. Jenn watched Whiplash which reminded her of her band days and made her nervous and said it was a scary movie (It’s about a drummer in jazz music school). Kyle watched Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and liked it. And we watched a bunch others but those were the highlights.

The food was really good on the plane. We were fed three times with highlights of Miso soup, glazed chicken, and wine.
We landed at the Narita airport and took the train to Shinjuku where we drank some beer in the streets (one of our favorite freedoms to enjoy when traveling outside the US), and then head up to the Tokyo metropolitan building where we had a nice view of the city.

We ate some amazing Ramen in a cute little area in Shinjuku. Then we went to a little underground bar where we had some otoshi and plum wine and apple whisky.
image image

We landed at 5pm and hung out until 1am for our flight to Ho Chi Minh, real beginning on our trip.


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