Phu Quoc Day #1

We enjoyed a fantastic breakfast buffet at our Saigon hotel (Sanouva), which included a beef and carrot stew, miso soup, sausage, bacon, omelets, and various delicious tropical fruits. Particularly notable was the passion fruit, with which I have an excessive preoccupation.

We caught our flight to Phu Quoc island, where my mother tells me was a site of retreat for the KMT Nationalist Party of China when defeated by communists in WWII. Sucks to lose to commies, but there are worse places to retreat than this beautiful island!


A downpour began swiftly upon our arrival, which was an unfortunate circumstance for our island vacation. I wheedled Kyle into jogging in the rain into town.
The pho place we wanted to check out was closed so we ended up at a random hole-in-the-wall. The type my father is always warning me about. His words immediately came to mind as our food arrived – “Don’t get too adventurous with the food in Vietnam” – but this place was at least open.

There was no menu as they only served one type of pho, and when it came, I immediately recognized the chunk of coagulated pig blood, but couldn’t recognize anything else, which is impressive because I’m Chinese and have had the pleasure of eating all kinds of stuff (e.g. pig ears, intestines, tendons, jellyfish) and the horror of trying others (e.g. chicken feet). I had brief paranoid visions of coming down with the hepatitis but we dug in. This was a fun experience, but probably not the best pho we’ve had so far. I have not fancied pig blood since I was a child, and still don’t.

After lunch, we knowingly walked into a tourist trap bar because it was called Moe’s Bar and we liked the Simpsons reference. Tourist trap or not the beers were still only like $1.50 each.

We had some massages afterwards and then crashed embarrassingly early because we were still jetlagged.

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