Saigon – Nighttime

Forgot to mention our Uber from the airport for about 10-15 miles and 25 minutes was 4$. The cab in Tokyo for the same distance was $100, off to a good start to our Vietnam experience.

After our wonderful nap we headed off for some more sight seeing. We went to Ho Chi Minh square and the statue below is very typical communist statue, but enjoyable nonetheless. Then we headed to China Town which was a bust but it only cost a 3$ Uber ride, so oh well. While there we went to a bar to use some wifi to get an Uber back and have a beer. After seeing a girl get up from a table of guys and clear the neighboring table i became confused. I then looked around and realized there was a good looking girl at every table and a not so good looking guy to go with her. We then realized we were at one of those bars where you pay to sit and talk to girls. Funny, we were a little afraid the beers would be expensive, and they were… $3 each. Still crazy cheap!

The driving in Saigon is very interesting. There are very few lights and people just swerve in and out and between each other. Crossing the street was difficult first, it was like playing frogger. Eventually you just have to go and learn they will serve around you. We actually liked it. You’d also see people just go the wrong way on their mopeds for awhile if it suited them. A really funny scene was a woman doing wood work literally in the street and people just went around her. Very interesting.

Then we headed out for some amazing pho for 2.5$ and it was really good. Better than any pho in San Diego. Off to Bui Vien st to hang out. Jenn and I got 5$ massages, one of the best we’ve had. Then some drinking and and more food, where we sat in tiny chairs. All a very fun second part of the day.



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