Hue, 5/27/16

We flew to Hue and arrived early afternoon. We checked into the Eldora Hotel then toured the Imperial Citadel, which is a walled fortress and former imperial capital of Vietnam.


We thought we got toasty in Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc, but Hue really takes the cake in terms of heat and humidity. It was about 95 degrees and probably 70% humidity, so we were grateful for the luxurious hotel pool with a great view of the city from the 14th floor:


We hit up the night market on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street and ate at Ancient Town Restaurant. We had delicious Hue style eggrolls and a pork meatball skewered and cooked on a stick of lemongrass. Our server gave us a fairly detailed lesson in the correct pronunciation of the word “delicious” in Vietnamese and taught us how to wrap and eat the pork skewer properly. We had some fresh watermelon juice, fresh passion fruit juice, and 2 beers with our meal for the unbelievable price of what is equivalent to about $7.50.

As far as night markets go, the atmosphere was unbeatable. The market is located along the Perfume River, and is lined with yellow lanterns. From the Ancient Town patio where we ate, you can see the Truong Tien Bridge light up in different colors.


However, it was pretty small, with just a handful of shops and a few food stands. Admittedly I’m slightly biased with night markets, because the ones in Taipei are filled with thousands of snacks, meals, desserts of all sorts, accessories, jewelry, clothing, birds, pets, and drinks. As a child I would often leave reluctantly, having been unable fit everything I wanted to eat into my stomach and being prohibited from bringing home various baby animals.

We found a cheap place to do our laundry called Allez Boo. They charged by kilogram for laundry. This place was also a restaurant, bar, hostel, and scooter rental, and we almost sat down for some happy hour beers while waiting for the guy to come back with a scale to weigh our clothes but changed our minds when we saw 3 large cockroaches scuttling about.

We spent some time walking alone Le Loi Street, then went to a bar called Brown Eyes, where I decided it was time to go back to Jack on the rocks because I’d had a few too many lagers.

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