Hue, 5/28/16

We had breakfast at the breakfast buffet at our hotel, which again featured a sumptuous feast including pho bar, fruit bar, dessert bar, etc., though we both agreed the Saigon Phu Quoc resort’s buffet was better. Our original scooter rental plans fell through and we found ourselves at questionable Allez Boo again. We rented a scooter from them for 100,000 dong (about $5) after the guy called his mother and asked her to bring it over, and we drove around to various pagodas and tombs. First was the Tu Dam Pagoda:

We followed that with the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc (rein 1947-1983) by taking some pretty narrow roads through the countryside (Google maps gave us the scenic route?) This “tomb” was actually his private retreat when he was alive, so the grounds and architecture were pretty expansive.

We thought we’d visit Dong Kanh’s tomb next, as it was very close by, but there was construction material and cows about and the place did not appear to be very welcoming, so we moved on. We saw the tomb of Khai Dinh (rein 1916-1925) next:



We then popped by the tomb of Minh Mang, but didn’t go in. We saw a lake on Google maps and decided to take a look. It turned it to be a reservoir, but was a nice view nevertheless. After that, we went to one final sightseeing destination, the Thien Mu Pagoda, which is apparently the tallest religious building in Vietnam.

We went to Pho Saigon for dinner. Kyle loved his pho tai and I got a beef and vegetable stir fry dish. We also got a bun thingy that looked like a Chinese bao zi (包子) but the filing was a little different. There was some kind of little egg inside (quail egg maybe?) It was to die for.

We went back to Allez Boo to get our laundry and wanted to make a quick escape, but were talked into having beers, which were buy one get one free (it seems happy hour lasts 8 hours a day in this city). Oh well, it’s not like there are cockroaches in the beers.

After melting all day in the heat, we actually started to miss the rain. As if on cue, the sky began to dump buckets of water until the streets were completely flooded. I guess you get what you wish for? Fortunately, it drained within 30 minutes and we took some time to read and have more coffee in our gorgeous hotel lobby bar.
We walked around the city some more and ended the night with massages at Lotus Spa.

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