Phu Quoc Day #1

We enjoyed a fantastic breakfast buffet at our Saigon hotel (Sanouva), which included a beef and carrot stew, miso soup, sausage, bacon, omelets, and various delicious tropical fruits. Particularly notable was the passion fruit, with which I have an excessive preoccupation. We caught our flight to Phu Quoc island, where my mother tells me was … More Phu Quoc Day #1

Saigon – Morning

We arrived Monday morning in Saigon at 5am. We still haven’t had a real sleep since our last night at home Friday night. So we’re a little tired, bit powering through. We dropped off our bags and started our adventure. We saw a number of pretty sights. Independence palace and Notre Dame below and of … More Saigon – Morning

#TBT Malibu 2015

We celebrated our 10-year anniversary (being together, not married) in Malibu last year. I probably had not hung around the Malibu area since attending my friend’s law school graduation here in 2008. Last time we were in LA together, we hit up Getty Museum, so this time we wanted to see Getty Villa. Getty is an awesome … More #TBT Malibu 2015


While on the East Coast, we also made a brief day trip to Boston before our departure. We thought New Hampshire was cold, but even there, we were able to go on a few morning jogs through the scenic suburbs in 25 degree weather (Jenn even did it in shorts one morning). On the other hand, Boston’s … More Boston

New Hampshire

We went to visit our dear friend Tom in New Hampshire for New Years eve (December 31, 2014). Frank took off a few extra days and got there before us, but we had a nice reunion of San Diego friends in the blistering cold of the East Coast. We took a trip to Bretton Woods, … More New Hampshire