Halong Bay 6/2/16

We woke up early for breakfast, though it was difficult due to the previous day’s heat and beers. We ate and embarked on another kayaking trip. We first switched boats and rode about 17 kilometres to Lan Ha Bay. On the way, we stopped by a small and beautiful island our tour company leased from the government for a term of 30 years. However, government regulations prohibited swimming or building of any type so the company stores kayaks there. We picked up the kayaks, bemoaned the government prohibition, and continued on.

Once in Lan Ha Bay, we kayaked to a small, private island, where our small group of 6 were the only ones on the beach. The water was warm and clear and we swam for about 30 minutes before kayaking back to the boat.

We visited a pearl farm after lunch and watched a brief presentation on the poster hatchery and pearl farming. Unsurprisingly, the pearl farm tour ended in a jewelry store, but we didn’t but anything. This is probably the worst part about tours in southeast Asia; there’s always a brief sales gimmick.



After the day’s activities, we rode back to our cruiser, had dinner, and played Asshole with some fellow travelers on the deck. We all slept early as everyone was sunburned (except me, because I have more melanin and also obsessively reapply sunscreen) and tired.

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