Tam Coc

Cool Google automated video of Tam Coc.

First thing we had a huge breakfast at our hotel. It was all you can eat, but the server brought everything to us. We had eggs benedict, omelet, watermelon and passion fruit juice, pho bo, grilled pork meatball bun [vietnamese noodle bun, not bread bun], bread basket with baguette and creampuff, fruits, and a cheese and meat plate. We were absolutely stuffed and it was good.

image image

Our hotel is really nice. We had a bathroom with a skylight so you feel like you’re showing outside. I also liked the mosquito netting which was cool to sleep under. Below is the view from our room.

image image image

Then we headed off to go sightseeing on our scooter. I must say this is my favorite part of the trip, just driving around on the scooter seeing the countryside. So much better than a car.

image image

We headed to bird valley, and went to Dong Vai Gioi first, 429 steps to the entrance. Then we went to bird valley where on the way we saw goats, which Jenn loved. We walked around the area instead of boating to avoid being plagued by offer to sell souvenir at slightly higher price (a funny review from a Korean woman in trip advisor) We couldn’t find the Mau temple, so we gave up and came back to swim in the pool which is beautiful.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

After the pool and a shower since it’s so incredibly humid there, we went to Bich Dong Pagoda which is a 3 level pagoda, where I managed to break the button on our new selfie stick. But we still used it just on a timer until we got our third one in Hanoi on our last night.

image image image

Then we went to the Mua caves and the dragon temple which was a steep hike with an awesome view.

image image image image

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