Tam Coc #2 and Hanoi – 6/5/16

We got all our touring out of our system yesterday at beautiful Tam Coc. Today was our last full day in Vietnam and we were going to take it easy. We had another amazing breakfast and decided to hang out by the pool.

This time we decided to rent a car to get to Hanoi instead of taking 7 hours on a bus. We got to Hanoi in two hours and checked into our Oriental Suites hotel. Great hotel, only $30 and it came with free snacks, another great breakfast and they booked tickets for us to the water puppet show at no extra charge. We saw a water puppet show which was corny but fun. A quick one hour show where the puppeteers control the puppets with long sticks below the water that you can’t see. They told the story of a few different Vietnamese legends.

Then off to get some Bun Cha at the real Bun Cha Dac Kim. There is literally a place with the exact same name and same address (somehow) right next to this place. The real place has signs that say “this is the real Dac Kim. The other is a fake.” What gall could someone have to come to work every day and work next door to the guy you’re trying to rip off. Luckily we were informed by our hotel of this before we left. The pork (which we didn’t get a picture of) and the egg rolls were the best we’d had this trip. This restaurant had 3 stories and and every table had at least a pound of chopped garlic so the place smelled very strong, but the food was amazing. Jenn and I love our garlic and we piled it into our food.

Then off to the night market where we bought a new selfie stick (again) after I broke ours (again). We also bought some cheap clothes and I got a cool Tin Tin in Vietnam shirt. Which when back in the US, we were hiking and I saw a guy wearing a Tin Tin in Cambodia shirt… funny since neither of those are even real Tin Tin books. Then to Beer Corner where we had some beer and tiny kindergarten chairs. There was some $0.25 beer at another bar but we weren’t in the mood for the incredibly cheap beer… next time. Another cool video of our time in Hanoi, combined our first and second time in Hanoi, and a video of hanging out at Beer Corner.

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