Wild Animal Park – Hotttt

We decided to take a trip to the wild animal park today as we have annual passes and hadn’t used them yet. We wanted to recreate one of our first real dates from 11 years ago when we went to the wild animal park and randomly saw a vineyard on the way there (Orfila, our first ever BTW). We stopped, tasted some wine, enjoyed the beautiful view, and bought a bottle. Then bought some berries at a roadside stand, and snuck in the wine and drank it at the Condor Lookout overlooking the entire park. 11 years ago and a current picture below.

This time it was 105 degrees, but no worries, we filled up a camel pack of water and we were on our way. This time we stopped at Hungry Hawk vineyard. Instead of tasting at $12 each, we decided to just buy a bottle for $16 and enjoy it at the vineyard. This time we weren’t quite in the mood to drink a 2nd bottle, so no sneaking in wine this time. After the vineyard we headed to the park. Nothing too crazy happened, but here are some fun pictures below.

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