Family Reunion in Glenwood Springs, CO

The Yarnall Family has a big ass reunion every 3 years, and we had not been since 2007, so we were well overdue. I was in the process of preparing for a big trial so I spent some of this trip revising motions in limine and trial briefs, but there was still plenty of time to have fun. The trip started out with a 3 hour drive through gorgeous scenery, and a pit stop to get beer:

shareBearPic1 shareBearPic73

We arrived there in the evening, had some dinner and beers, enjoyed the company of family members, but went to sleep relatively early because we had scheduled a Segway tour for the next morning.

As I was drinking some beer, I joked about falling off a cliff and dying while on a Segway (ironically the manner in which the inventor of the Segway met his untimely death). Francesca laughed and informed me that is why she opted not to go – because a mountain-scaling, off-roading Segway tour after a night of drinking sounded less than ideal for her. Well, this was the first time I’d heard of it being an off-roading Segway tour, but it was too late. Visions of driving a Segway off a cliff flashed through my mind, but I laughed it off. The Segway tour the next morning was as awesome as expected, and not a single person died or fell off a cliff.

shareBearPic39 shareBearPic41

The ride was fun, the views were breathtaking, and I choked on a dandelion. We picked some dandelions, which were the biggest I’ve ever seen in my life, and blew on them to make wishes. I ended up inhaling seeds instead of blowing them. Totally smooth of me. Eric captured this Kodak moment quite well:

shareBearPic57 shareBearPic67

The climb up the mountain was easy on the Segways, and we zoomed by several hikers on the way. Suckers!

shareBearPic35 shareBearPic45

We also went rafting down the Colorado River this day, but we couldn’t bring out cameras with us.


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