Glenwood Springs 7/15/16

Glenwood Springs was really hot; it was a high of 90-92 during the day while we were there. Even so, we went for a hike in the middle of the day. (Hey, compared to Vietnam, this was nothing). The views were great, and I splashed myself with icy cold water when we walked by streams.

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I had to talk trial strategy with my boss on my way down the mountain, which slowed me down, but I insisted on moving slowly anyway because we were forewarned of poison ivy. No one else seemed too concerned, but I wasn’t about to touch that shit! I took very careful steps…

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We did not finish the hike in its entirety, because we had a date with a Himalayan restaurant we saw in town earlier, and their lunch hour ended at 3:00. We returned to the resort, and left for the Himalayan place shortly after I jumped in the river for a swim:


The Himalayan lunch at Masala & Curry was a fantastic choice, and my goat curry was to die for. Afterwards,we hit up Glenwood Brewing with the cool kids. This was a cool little joint, but the beers left something to be desired.

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