Denver 7/16 and 7/17/16

We made it into Denver in the early afternoon and checked into the Hyatt Regency, after getting a deal on Priceline on our drive over. Sometimes winging it works out really well. Other times you end up out of cash, 8 kilometers away from the nearest ATM, in a race against the rain.

We made the rounds at some pretty cool beer places. We hit up Great Divide, Jagged Mountain, and then, for something totally different – Mile High Spirits, a distillery. We enjoyed some pepperoncini and garlic flavored vodka shots there, and also played some cornhole. For more details on the drinking part, see here.

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The next day, we stopped by a park, where there happened to be a Colombian festival with live music and food trucks. We regretted having just gotten full on a traditional breakfast, as we hadn’t had any Arepas since we were in Colombia in 2014. Blast! We walked by a pretty church, then took an Uber to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Every corner of it was beautiful.  

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We had some time to while away, so we went to Skyline Park to play some free mini-golf, giant Jenga, and cornhole.

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