New York City 9/16/2016

Kyle had a business trip in New York, and I decided to tag along. He flew out early Thursday on the 15th and I followed shortly after on a red-eye. I landed at 5:30 a.m. just after the sun started coming up and took an Uber instead of public transport because I wanted to take a little nap. Our hotel was right by Times Square and the eternally lit billboards and buildings looked lovely with the sun rising:

sharebearpic1 sharebearpic7

After I arrived, we had some breakfast at the hotel, and I went back to sleep when Kyle went to work. When I woke up, I worked out and then stopped in a nearby grocery store to stock up on beers and waters. The cheapest water was Evian, and the beers were crazy expensive. How do New Yorkers live like this?! A 6-pack of Lagunitas IPA was $13, and that was probably one of the better deals. Also, they were refrigerating red wine, which is strange. That should have been my first warning not to buy wine here, but I unfortunately did not heed my instinct.

After unloading my fairly pitiful loot, I headed over to meet my brother at Uber, where he works. We hung out at the office for a while, which featured roaming pets, Grapefruit Sculpin on tap, and self-service canisters of snacks – most importantly, gummy bears. I started to wonder whether Uber might be in need of lawyers. After visiting with Aaron and making plans for the evening, I walked to the Museum of Modern Art, where I intended to buy a ticket and was informed I could get in for free if I didn’t mind waiting in line for a bit. OMG! Free shit! Apparently, MoMA is free Fridays after 4:00 p.m. The line was down the block and snaked around the next block but everyone still got in within 5-10 minutes.

MoMA was as amazing as expected, and I spent the next couple of hours selfie-ing myself with unbelievable works. I warmed up with some 60’s stuff (I belong in this decade!):

sharebearpic25 sharebearpic29

I checked out some Matisse and Kandinsky:

sharebearpic49 sharebearpic51

As well as Rothko and Picasso:

sharebearpic57 sharebearpic65

MoMA also had some works by Klimt, and who can forget Starry Night? The collection here is fantastic, and knowing what it contains, I’d pay the $25 to get in if I hadn’t wandered in on a Friday afternoon by sheer serendipity. It’s walking into room after room of dreams come to life and I was overtaken by excitement on several occasions. My parents used to take us to so many museums when I was a kid, but it’s funny how you don’t appreciate it until much later.

sharebearpic53 sharebearpic39

In the evening, we had a delicious Chinese dinner with my auntie at a Tang Pavilion, including delicious winter melon soup, a squash I cannot name in English, walnut shrimp, meatballs, among others. After dinner, we went to check out Aaron’s place, and headed out to a bar in the upper west side. Despite how horrifically expensive beers were at the grocery store I visited earlier in the day, a pitcher of Dogfish Head IPA was only $24 at whatever joint we went to, which is seriously a damn decent price.



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