New York City 9/17/16

Due to pitchers of Dogfish Head IPA being only $24 at the bar the night before (seemed like a pretty good deal for NYC), we slept in later than intended and missed our free breakfast buffet. However, we had some delicious leftovers from Halal Guys from the night before, so that was breakfast. Once we actually made it out of our hotel, we took a roundabout way through Central Park to get to the Met, which made for a really lovely walk.


The Met was a slow and relaxing way to spend the afternoon (though I think collection-wise I preferred MoMA). The rooftop garden area had a great view of the city.

We walked over to Little Italy Pizza for New York style pizza (the best kind). Later in the evening, we tried to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge in time for the sunset, but ended up taking the wrong subway, and viewed it along with the Manhattan bridge from the banks instead (still a great view!) We met Aaron at Xi’An Famous Foods to eat spicy noodles for dinner. The place was sort of a hole in the wall, but the noodles were fantastic. This is the kind of stuff you actually remember eating on vacation.

sharebearpic122 sharebearpic126

After dinner, we had an unnecessary but delicious dessert at a crepe place nearby (lychees, mangos, strawberries, macha ice cream) and headed back to the mid town area for some after-dinner drinks. We walked over a mile to a rooftop bar, only to find out it was closed for a private event, and ended up at The Rum House, a charming venue with live music that was in the style of speakeasy meets vintage Havana. After The Rum House, we went to a Victorian bar I had been eyeing. I had walked by a couple of times and loved the decor, but once we got there, I decided it was rather forgettable. The beer selection was acceptable, but there is something very wrong with playing country music at a “Victorian” bar. It does not work, at all.


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