Rosarito 11/12/16

Predictably, as a result of the prior night’s debauchery, some of us were not feeling so healthy on Saturday morning. I woke up, made some coffee, and went with Karl, Linda, and Jessica to buy some butter and breakfast items. We walked south, away from the main part of town, and ventured past a honey stand (inopportunely placed by a sewage pipe), a sheet metal lawn ornament vendor, empty lots for sale, and took note of a busy local breakfast joint (perhaps for Sunday morning). After walking almost mile south, it appeared we had missed the store. We did then retraced our steps and walked back, and went further north than where we had started, only to conclude there were no stores anywhere within a mile north or south of La Paloma.

sharebearpic61 sharebearpic121a

Finally, we gave up and went to the 7-11 across the street, which we decided was probably the store we had been looking for all along anyway. After breakfast, we took a brief dip in the ocean, then walked along the beach into town. People were partying on the beach, and children were riding the most adorable ponies up and down the shore.

sharebearpic67 sharebearpic71

For dinner, we went a few miles south to Puerto Nuevo, which is known for its lobster. I love seafood of all types, though I’m not particularly crazy about lobster. The lobster had also gone up in price since we were last here. We went to La Cava Hacienda Ortega’s, and Kyle and I shared a lobster plate and ceviche. The meal started out with baskets of little rolls filled with jalapenos and cheese, followed by some great tortilla soup. Both the rolls and soup were reportedly a little too spicy for the non-spicy food eaters, but the rest of us absolutely loved them. The place had a great view of the ocean, really cute restrooms, and decent ambiance.

sharebearpic79-a sharebearpic145

As the evening progressed, everyone started to feel better, but maybe not quite well enough to be motivated to go out, so we headed to Tacos El Norteno for more tacos, and a few Dos Equis beers. Tacos El Norteno ended up being better than the  tacos from the night before (note for next time).


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