Rosarito 11/13/16

On our last day, we bid farewell to our charming cottages and the ocean view, and decided to grab some breakfast before leaving. Instead of heading into the center of town, we headed south, in the opposite direction, and ate at the busy little diner we had passed when we were lost the day before. It was called Birrieria El Cunado.

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No one had ever had Birria before, but it is a spicy Mexican stew, and we were up for trying new things, particularly in light of how busy this place is with locals. We had tacos and quesadillas along with the stew, but the stew was the star of their menu. It was fantastic, even in the heat. There was also an elderly gentleman selling flan from a cart out front – so amazing. Linda and I shared one, but it was so good, we shared another. They were only 35 pesos each ($1.50).

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After breakfast, we headed home. Crossing the border was more hellish than we ever remembered. It took about 4 hours to go a mile or two, and we could have walked that distance much faster, but it doesn’t matter what speed you walk or drive when the real problem is dealing with border patrol and going through immigration.

In this four hours, we ate some guava sorbet from a street vendor and contemplated getting some churros. I eyed many vendors with delicious horchata, but decided against it, because as much as I wanted the drink, I dreaded being stuck in a 4 hour border queue while desperately needing a piss. I did haggle and acquire a very nice hat though. When I tried to get the offering price of $40 down to $10, the vendor said, “Hey, this is Mexico, not China!” I laughed and offered $12, he said no, and we drove off, but he shortly hustled back and we made a deal for $15. Linda bought a gigantic tortoise lawn decoration and was able to get the price down from $28 to $20.

On our drive back, we could neither face the prospect of not returning for another 5 years, or a 4 hour drive to go 30 miles, so we looked into Ubering and walking across the border (both ways) for our next sojourn.

Problem solved. Until next time, Rosarito.

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