Throwback Thursdays With Yelp

We attended a Throwback Thursday themed Yelp event at the Carlsbad Flower Fields this past week. We hadn’t been to a Yelp Event in a while, so I was excited about this one, particularly since costumes were involved. I love the Flower Fields, and Yelp events here are the best because for a $10 donation to charity, you get to enjoy food, drink, and the flowers, whereas tickets are usually around $8 to get in anyway. The fields were in full bloom with multi-colored ranunculuses (ranunculi?)


Unfortunately, I cannot drink, but Kyle and Darren made up for me, and I certainly had my fair share of food. Food at Yelp events can lean toward fun Hipster and unique local flavor type styles, but this event’s featured foods were fairly traditional (not necessarily a bad thing), including Slater’s burgers (which were perfectly medium rare pink), clam chowder, sandwiches, different type of pizzas, and specialty hot dogs. There was a vegan Ramen station, which was unique, but vegan Ramen is sort of a travesty, for lack of a better word. The absence of meat practically guarantees the soup lacks depth of flavor, and the vegan noodles left something to be desired.

The desserts were amazing. I almost skipped the gelato but was glad I didn’t; the pink Himalayan salt caramel on a cone was awesome. We had a couple of fancy French desserts. One was a champagne cake. While I could appreciate the flavors and composition this cake was not exactly my type of dessert. I’m not big on cake, nor am I big on cream. There was another vanilla bean pudding-ice cream hybrid that was pretty notable. There was also a cookie station that I lingered at for too long, too many times. I loved their birthday cake cookie, but also was strangely drawn to the balsamic rosemary cookie, which sounds downright bizarre, but was really good.

Aside from the food, I loved all the costumes, particularly the flower people walking around. I also met a burro advertising wine and beer tours in the Guadalupe valley. I can’t wait until I’m not pregnant and can partake in wine tasting in Mexico.


The live band played some Mumford & Sons covers, along with Flogging Molly, and Kyle and I tested out some Swing steps on What’s Left of the Flag and a few other songs. 

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