3/3/2018 Cabo Day 2

On Saturday, we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, and headed into town to hike Mt. Solmar. The trailhead is actually located on private property, through the yard of a guy who runs a kennel. The trail was short, but steep, and the views were fantastic the whole way. We encountered the kennel owner on his way down with his pack of 10 dogs when we were on our way up. One of dogs, a chubby black lab, tried to get lazy on the trail and hang out with us a bit, but begrudgingly continued on his way.


Vale was so thrilled she fell asleep on the way up, and Jenn enjoyed the various species of cacti along the route. The view from the top was breathtaking, featuring vistas of the city, the bay, and the ocean on both sides. It was quite steep though and required some scrambling up the rocks, but it was very much worth it.


After hiking, we went back to the hotel for a quick shower, and had lunch at Taqueria El Paisa, where we had a carne asada taco, an adobada taco, a carne asada quesadilla, and a cup of horchata. The carne asada quesadilla (basically the same thing as the carne asada taco but with some cheese) was Kyle’s favorite. Since Vale has only two incipient teeth and cannot eat tacos, the food did not interest her and she fell asleep again:

After tacos, we went to the Happy Ending Cantina, where we bought two shots of tequila (probably watered down) and two Coronas for $5. Jenn passed on the tequila, we played cards, and let Vale dance on the bar. After the Happy Ending, we stopped by a store to buy some beers and tried to find a more secluded beach, but ended up hitting a few dead ends in our search, and since Vale started getting fussy, we went back to the same beach, where Vale dipped her toes in the ocean water for the first time. We took her clothes off and dunked her into the water for a couple of seconds, but she was not a fan. She made a sad face, and we decided not to torture her any further.

Vale became a bit overwhelmed with all the excitement and needed a nap, so we went back to the hotel and all took a brief nap, before heading out for a late dinner in the outskirts of town. We drove through some rather sketchy areas and arrived at Taqueria El Montaño, which was a nondescript taco stand on a dimly lit street corner. Kyle thought the location was something out of a scene in a movie where a drive-by shooting occurs. Not that it was dangerous, just how open it was in a residential area with cars driving slowly by, it just seemed reminiscent of a mob movie. Jenn thought the drive over was more concerning than the location of the taco stand itself. (Cabo is not particularly dangerous, but even so, lesson #2: Maybe hit up the really local hole-in-the-wall joints during the day, rather than at night). Here, we enjoyed the following:

  • Frijol con carne – delicious pinto bean soup with ground beef, corn, tomatoes, and other sorcery, such that Jenn wanted a second serving
  • Carne asada vampiro – a cross between a street taco and a tostada, with flavorful carne asada and grilled mushrooms on a crispy flour tortilla
  • Carne asada taco
  • Quesadilla especial – a small quesadilla, heavy on meat and mushrooms, fused together by some heavenly cheese
  • Assortment of different salsas, guacamole, and roasted jalapeños

Everything was delicious, and Jenn thought it was the best meal of the weekend. She ate many roasted jalapeños (intestines be damned). We made sure to tell the owner the food was “muy muy rico” before our departure. There are no pictures of this amazing food because at the time, Jenn felt a bit awkward taking pictures, as it seemed the owners were already a bit surprised to see a tourist family eating there at all, but regret sunk in quickly after we took our leave.

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