3/4/2018 Cabo Day 3

Vale woke up at an ungodly hour, so we had an early breakfast at the hotel. We decided to take a drive to the other Cabo (Cabo San Jose), which was about 20 minutes out, and on the way to the airport. En route, we stopped at Playa Santa Maria, a beautiful, secluded, small stretch of beach hidden behind a luxury condo complex. There were only a handful of people hanging out, the water was cerulean, and the waves were small, such that it was perfect for a late morning swim. We had walked halfway back to the car to leave, but Jenn couldn’t resist and decided to change into her swimsuit and go for a dip in the ocean. The water was a clear and cool contrast to the dry heat from the sun; she swam toward the rocks and floated in the water for a bit before turning back.


After the beach, we stopped at a road side vista point, with a view of the ocean from above. A woman was selling coconuts, and Jenn bought one for 55 pesos (about $2.80). What cannot be perceived from the lovely picture below is the rank smell of stale piss that greeted us when we opened our car door. No matter; the refreshing coconut water negated this particular detail.

Once in Cabo San Jose, we wandered around the town square, briefly watched a girls’ soccer game, and checked out some real estate magazines (speaking of reasonable – gigantic ocean view homes for less than $1,000,000!) Vale was taking her late morning nap by this time, and did not wake up at all to enjoy the town’s quaint charm, not even when the church bell clanged loudly for a full minute.

We bought a small scoop of maracuya (passion fruit) sorbet from a lady with a cart outside the church for $1. It was irresistible. She offered a variety of flavors, but the decision was made as soon as Jenn saw maracuya on the list. The last time she had something similar was a passion fruit ice cream in Colombia in 2014. It’s been too long, my friend.

After walking around the town for a few more minutes, it was time to depart to make our flight. On the way back, Vale again fussed just a little, ate, then fell asleep for the entire duration of the flight. All in all, we considered this a successful first family trip, and look forward to many more in the coming years.

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