Weekend in LA

We made a brief trip up to L.A. the weekend of April 28 to visit some old friends. Saturday, we started with lunch at the house of Kyle’s college fraternity brother and his family. We enjoyed a delicious spread of bagels and mimosas, and let the kiddos play a bit while we caught up. Afterwards, we stopped by UCLA, which Jenn had been wanting to do for some time – having not set foot on campus literally since graduating almost 12 years ago. We parked in Westwood, across from good old Ralph’s, and walked onto campus and up Bruin Walk.

After making the loop around Royce Hall and the fountain, we stopped under a tree to sneak a Stone Delicious IPA and let Vale play in the grass for a bit. Jenn reminisced of all the times she did not study at the library, and the time she hung out in a kiddie pool on Bruin Walk, furtively drinking cocktails, allegedly in furtherance of a friend’s campaign running for student office.

Afterwards, we went to Playa Vista, where we stayed with friends who recently moved into a beautiful brand new home. We spent the night chatting and hanging out. The next morning, we met up with a buddy from the night before, ate tacos at Tacos Chihuahua, then hit up the Venice canals for a brief walk.


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