Maui Day 1 – 7/7/2018

We recently went on a vacation to Maui with the whole family. The flight was a little over 5 hours, which was Vale’s longest one yet. We were nervous on the way there, but she did even better than on some of the shorter flights. She ate a little, napped for about an hour, and was generally in a very playful mood. It helped to have lots of family around, and we were able to pass her off on occasion during the flight. She loved getting a break from her parents to visit with grandma, papa, her auntie and uncle, and her cousins.

We arrived in Maui early in the day. Interestingly, much of Kahalui airport (OGG) is open-air, and we were greeted immediately with the warm tropical breeze and thick, humid air. The texture and smell of thick air upon alighting off the plane reminded Jenn of Taiwan. We hit up Costco for some necessities – breakfast foods, beer, etc. We then checked into the Kaanapali Beach Club, situated right on the beach. Our room was located on the 6th floor, with an ocean view patio. We took it easy this first day, had a couple of beers, enjoyed the warm island breeze, and hung out by the hot tub later in the evening.


Vale had a grand time playing with her cousins, chasing them around the hotel and being chased by them. She also loved riding on Daddy’s shoulders. Vale was pretty excited, but disoriented by the time change, and went to bed very early.

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