Maui Hiking and Hanging Out – 7/8/2018

Vale did not sleep well in her new environment and woke up to eat twice the first night, so Jenn insisted on sleeping in for a little bit on Sunday morning (what’s vacation without sleeping in?). Kyle got the day started without her by going on a nice beachfront jog with Vale, who tends to like new sights. She also played in the sand for a little bit while her cousins took a dip in the ocean.


Late morning, everyone went on a hike together on the Kapalua Coastal Trail. The hike was relatively easy, and traced the shoreline for a mile or two.

The view was beautiful the whole way, and this laid-back amble served as a warm-up for hikes to come.

Later in the day, we relaxed at the resort (to the extent one can “relax” while keeping an eye on a 10-month old around multiple bodies of water), enjoyed beers, and hung out with family. All in all, it was an enjoyable day in paradise.

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