Maui 7/11/2018 – Luau Night

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a beach day. We got to our beach destination right around Vale’s nap time, so we walked her around in her stroller until she fell asleep. We rented snorkeling gear and did some shore side snorkeling while baby slept, since we missed out on the Molokini Crater boat adventure a few days prior. The water was clear and warm, and we saw all kinds of happy, bright-colored fish swimming in their environment. Vale woke up crying after a relatively short nap, a bit confused at finding herself in her car seat carrier, covered with a towel.

Later on in the night, we attended a Luau at our resort. We were greeted with Puka shell necklaces, and seated on a patch of lush lawn overlooking the ocean. The food was delicious, featuring taro dinner rolls,  herb-crusted white fish, Ahi tuna poke, ceviche-style salmon, short rib, Hawaiian pit-smoked pork, poi, creamed taro leaves, and a slew of delicious Hawaiian desserts. Jenn did her very best to eat her weight in poke. One dessert Jenn liked in particular was some kind of lilikoi (passion fruit) tart/bar. It essentially tasted like a lemon bar, but with passion fruit, which is one of Jenn’s favorites. Vale was very open to trying all kinds of fish, including the salmon and white fish. Unfortunately, we got overzealous at her willingness to consume solid foods, gave her too much, and she ended up puking all over her clothes not 1 hour into the affair.

Vale grew a bit antsy and had to be taken back into the hotel room to eat her dinner in peace. However, we made it back down to the luau just in time for the fire dance performance, which immediately captivated Vale. The luau ended with an encore by dancers, and we made our way to our room to top the night off with cold beers in the warm Maui night.


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