Maui – 7/12/18

Due to the lack of pictures taken this day, it is difficult for us to fully reconstruct what went down. For sure, Jenn briefly read a few pages of Civil War stories by Ambrose Bierce out on the hotel balcony, and took in the palm trees and waves while drinking sparkling grapefruit water.

This was followed by taking Vale to the pool to splash around and drink some chlorine. She loved playing in the pool and watching her cousin Sage come down the water slide.

At night, we walked across the street to a bar/cafe called Java Jazz, where we let Vale stay up way past her bedtime to listen to some live music. Java Jazz was a quirky, fun little joint. The walls were decorated with customer drawings, and they had a big TV screen featuring different funny memes. Jenn sipped on a Persian tea, and Kyle had a mocha. The music was fun, and the staff here was super friendly. They even took Vale off our hands for a little bit so she could visit with the staff and we could enjoy the scene.

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