Maui – 7/13/2018

On this day, we enjoyed breakfast at the buffet at our hotel, which featured the usual breakfast suspects, along with miso soup, Kahlua pork, and some other fun items. After breakfast, we went for a hike on the Lahaina Pali trail. It was only about 5 miles, but was quite steep, and involved scrambling up and down a lot of lava rocks. It was quite the workout, especially for Kyle, who carried Vale on his back the entire time.


It was not easy, particularly in the heat. The weather was hot, yet damp and wet. We were grilled by the sun, but also greeted by wind and an occasional sprinkling of welcome, cool rain. The view was unbelievably beautiful the entire way up, with a view of the turquoise ocean, rolling hills, and puffy white clouds.

At night, we returned to Java Jazz with the whole family, for dinner and more live music. While at Java Jazz, Vale was extremely delighted with a rousing game of “put the coffee cup lid on your head.” This kept her entertained for quite some time. We were also given markers and invited to draw on the walls and/or furniture. We gladly accepted and left our mark at this charming little establishment.



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