Portland 10/7/2018 – Goat to have fun!

On our last day in Portland, we started out with good old hotel breakfast, then walked to a hipster coffee joint where we got a latte and peach hand pie to go. We made our way to  Laurel Hurst park, which was another sylvan expanse of green, and featured a glittering, deep emerald pond. It was drizzling a bit, but not enough to require an umbrella. Vale slept on most of this walk, and we shared a Ninkasi Domination IPA on a bench by the pond.

When Vale woke up, we took an Uber a few miles away to the Belmont Goat sanctuary, where people who like goats set up a play area for goats in the middle of the city, and allow people to play with them for free. We followed a few goats around, pet them, and brushed their fur. Vale was pretty suspicious the entire time, stared at the goats, and was reluctant to go near at first. However, when I handed her a brush, she became interested in grooming the goats.


This was our last activity in Portland. We headed out to the airport a little early, and made use of our Priority Pass card again, to get more delicious food and share one last beer. Alas, misfortune befell us on the flight home, as Vale was extremely cranky and difficult on this very short flight home. The flight was shortened from 2.5 hours to 2 hours due to a nice tailwind, but it was a long 2 hours for us. She didn’t want to be held, so we’d put her down, then she didn’t want to be put down, and would cry. She breastfed, but wouldn’t sleep, she wanted food, but didn’t want to eat (preferred to play with it/drop it on the ground), she screamed, cried, and worst of all, pooped 3 times. She usually only poops once a day, but somehow managed to poop 3 times on a 2-hour flight.



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