TBT Denver June 2018

For our second use of our Southwest companion pass this year, we went to Denver to visit friends. Matt & Jessica relocated to Scotland for a few years, and we weren’t able to make it out there to visit them. Before Scotland, they were in various parts of Orange County, and we would see them fairly frequently for camping debauchery, bar hopping, and other parties/events. In the summer of 2017, they moved to Arvada, a suburb a short distance outside of Denver to start a business.

Visiting and staying with friends made this trip logistically so much easier than others, because they were amazing enough to pick us up at the airport as well as supply us with an extra car seat, Pack N Play, and stroller. We didn’t have to worry about lugging around heavy stuff, taking car seats into Ubers, renting a car, etc.

This was Vale’s second flight, and a warm-up for Maui. She was pretty easy on the way there, and the first thing we did upon landing was get a beer using our Priority Pass lounge card. Denver is known for its beer scene, so this was a must.

Jessica picked us up at the airport and we made our way back to their place to relax a little before hitting up a nearby brewery, called Gun Barrel. This place had a nice outdoor seating area and patch of grass for the kiddos, though Vale could not yet walk at this time. Jenn ordered a flight of tasters and fell in love with a tropical milkshake IPA. This place was the first time she encountered milkshake and hazy IPA’s, which were delicious.

After Gun Barrel, we spent the rest of the night hanging out at Matt & Jess’s place, catching up, chatting, and enjoying the cool Arvada air on their backyard deck.

The next day, we took a short hike and enjoyed the greenery and calm of the Colorado mountains. Vale got a bit fussy on the hike, so we couldn’t have done a long hike anyway. After the hike, we enjoyed beers and lunch at a quaint little place near the trail.


Later in the afternoon, after the kiddos had their naps, we took a walk to Stanley Lake, which is walking distance from their house.

On our way back, we stopped by a playground, where Vale and Sienna enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was around this time that Vale really discovered her love of playgrounds.


We had a beautiful weekend, and were fortunate enough to have another pleasant flight back with Vale. To top off the trip, we were the recipients of 3 large mason jars of homemade salsa. While I was waiting for Kyle to get the car, he encountered a couple of travelers were going through security and were going to be forced to throw away their Aunt Anita’s homemade salsa. They offered it to Kyle, who gladly accepted. After walking off with the salsa, he questioned the safety and wisdom in taking food from strangers, but when he described the salsa to me, I assured him it would be fine and I was willing to take the risk of food poisoning. This was a good decision. The salsa was as spicy and delicious as it looked, and we finished all three jars probably within a week or two.

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