Spokane Washington 6/21/2019

We arrived in Spokane Thursday night for a family wedding, and after retrieving baggage and rental car, did not get to our hotel until around midnight. Since Vale had a pretty late night, she “slept in” until 8:00 a.m. We had breakfast at the hotel, then drove over to a nearby park/trail for a quick jog. We meandered along some paths, and ended up at the top of a hill with a beautiful view overlooking the valley.

While we jogged, Vale played in the dirt (her favorite activity) with Grandma and Papa. We picked some massive dandelions to make wishes. These were even bigger than the monster dandelions we encountered in Colorado some years back.

After our morning jog, we went check out the Riverfront area in downtown Spokane, and enjoyed walking paths along ponds, trees, and parks. We tried to put Vale on a carousel for the first time, which initially intrigued her. I put her on the horse and wrapped the leather belt around her waist. She was curious for about two minutes, then started screaming bloody murder, so we got off to wait for the next turn at the carousel. She refused to get on any horses the second time around as well, but eventually tolerated sitting on one of the stationary benches with Dad.

After Riverfront park, we enjoyed some beers at No-Li (short for northern lights?) brewery. Jenn’s tasting flight was pretty good, though the IPA’s were not quite at a San Diego level. After No-Li, we hit up a relatively new brewery called Humble Abode, which only had about 10 Yelp reviews (hey, we were here before it was cool). As in San Diego, this down-to-earth operation was a small warehouse in an industrial complex, and featured excellent beers, and board games for all. Jenn particularly enjoyed the hazy IPA (not pictured).

Later in the evening, we ordered some fast food to go and decided to check out a park/trail Kyle had found. Mosquitoes chased Jenn around, being so aggressive as to bite her through her clothes, and Jenn chased Vale around trying to feed her avocado and chicken nuggets.

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