Wedding in Spokane 6/22/19

We started the morning off with an easy, but long hike. We picked our trail based on stroller-friendliness, and selected branching paths based on which posed the least resistance to our stroller suspension. Vale slept through the first hour or so of it, and missed some incredible views, but woke up in time to play with gigantic dandelions and enjoy a waterfront view.

The weather was perfect for hiking: dry, sunny, mild, and pleasant. The jewel-toned river and trees made for a beautiful view. Vale grew tired of sitting in her stroller soon after waking up, and insisted on being carried, so she spent much of the rest of the hike on Dad’s shoulders.

After the hike, we returned back to the hotel to get ready for Jackie & Taylor’s wedding. This was Vale’s first attendance at a wedding, and we were able to get her into a cute dress by slipping it over her head while she was preoccupied with a tablet, thereby giving minimal resistance, in the form of a nominal whine.

The wedding was a romantic and simple backyard affair on a lush green lawn, framed by trees swaying in the breeze. Vale impressed Jenn by staying mostly quiet and polite during the ceremony. We enjoyed good food and drinks, and quite a bit of dancing. Notably, the bartender let Jenn rummage through the beer stash to pick her own beers, due to repeated equivocation over IPA selections.

Vale in particular had a grand old time dancing, until it was well past her bedtime, and she became visibly cranky. This blog, despite its title, is not restricted to memorializing only the good times, alas. Since Vale was throwing a small tantrum on the dance floor, Jenn decided to take her for a speedy walk in her stroller around 8:30 p.m. to get her to sleep, so she could return to the wedding reception. The quick walk turned into an hour-long stroll, in 6-inch wedges, and despite the waterfront views, this got old.

Fortunately, Grandma and Papa were on their way out of the festivities, and took Vale home, so we could enjoy socializing a bit longer, though it was only shortly hereafter the party died down, in part because a groomsman badly fractured his ankle whilst wielding some sort of gladiator stick.

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