Marquette, MI 7/12/2019

Jenn flew with Vale alone for the first time to attend Erin & Taylor’s wedding in Marquette, Michigan. This was not planned, but rather, Kyle was called away for business unexpectedly, and had to change his flight to meet up with Jenn and Vale in Minneapolis on a flight from Dayton. We got in late Thursday night, stopped by a grocery store called Econofoods to load up on snacks, but mostly beer, and made our way to our AirBnB, which was an unexpectedly large flat, or man cave a floor below the garage of a large house.

It was large enough to be a small stand-alone apartment, but definitely was decorated like a man cave, complete with collector beer steins, board games, a coffee station, and sports memorabilia.

The next morning, Kyle and Vale played in the woods:

The writer of this particular post is not knowledgeable regarding the progression of events leading to the of loss of clothing, but can guess that Vale refused to put on a shirt while frolicking in the woods of Michigan. Vale played in the leaves and sticks with dirty pants and wild hair looking like Mowgli, and had a great time.

Meanwhile, Jenn and other bridesmaids arrived at Besolda Farm early to attend a rehearsal, take care of some decorating, and get ready for the day, including makeup and hair. Besolda Farm is rustic, quaint, little plot of green land framed by forest trees and local foliage. The heat and humidity of the day, and the imminent threat of rain were things to contend with, made more tolerable by champagne and strawberries.

The ceremony was an intimate affair, taking place in a shady apple orchard offering respite from the heat, officiated by a friend. Vale screamed bloody murder over having to wear a dress, so Dad let her wear a T-shirt and leggings to the wedding! Gasp!

The reception was located in a farmhouse barn. Vale threw a tantrum over having to wait before eating cupcakes, but after a time was permitted to share a strawberry cupcake with mom. She also had a fun time dancing, though she would not dance with anyone but her parents, despite several offers from nice gentlemen (feeling a little shy).

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