Ishpeming and Marquette 7/13/2019

Vale was over-excited from the festivities of the day before, and did not sleep until well past 1:00 a.m. despite our best efforts. Thus, we slept until 10:00 Eastern time (not that much “sleeping in” considering California time). We met Liz & Spencer at a bagel place and had breakfast bagel sandwiches, then headed to Taylor’s Aunt’s cabin in Ishpeming.

Aunt Karen’s lake cabin, commonly referred to as “The Camp,” was located in Ishpeming, where Taylor grew up, approximately 30 minutes from our AirBnB in Marquette. The cabin, along with its neighbors, were all tucked and hidden into the upper peninsula woods, located at the end of bumpy dirt roads, marked by homemade wooden signs nailed to trees.

Vale was visibly excited by the great expanse of water, and even more stoked to get in. The lake water was refreshing and cool, but not too cold. It was much warmer than the ocean water we are used to. Jenn took several swims, and alternated between the cool, crisp, water, and the sunny heat on land, while enjoying her Lakeshore Fog hazy IPA (not a local brewery, but perfect for the weather). She tried to talk Vale into going for a swim too, but Vale was not amenable to getting all the way in, and preferred to stay by the shore.

Vale wasn’t terribly fond of the life jacket we made her wear, and walked around to anyone who would listen, saying, “No jacket, no jacket!” We let her play without it for some time, but when it came time for the boat ride on the souped-up pontoon boat, we forced the life jacket on her once again. She was about to put up great resistance, until Jenn told her we would go “fast fast fast!” on the boat, which convinced her to comply.

Vale enjoyed the pontoon boat ride immensely, squealed with delight, and yelled, “fast fast fast!” repeatedly as the pontoon boat sped through waters, and zoomed around the lake. She leaned over the side and probably would have pitched in if we weren’t holding onto her, and cried when the ride was over.

Vale had more than her share of junk food, including dill pickle potato chips, Oreos, and other fun snacks the hosts were kind enough to provide for the kiddos. As it progressed to early afternoon, we poured some beers, took Vale on a short walk, and let her nap in the stroller.

In the early evening, we hit up some leftover wedding food, consisting of delicious, juicy, baked chicken, meatballs, and garlic bread. The boys also grilled up some BBQ meats, including some kind of hamburger/sausage patty called Cudighi, which was apparently invented in Ishpeming. It was spicy and savory, and paired well with sweet pickles on top.

We left the Camp early evening, since Jenn faced a very early flight with Vale, alone, in the morning. We did make it out to a park nearby our AirBnb to enjoy a view of Lake Superior, however. We walked out on a jetty in the water, then took Vale to a park that clearly had not been updated since we were kids. There was a 10 foot-slide that would likely never be legal in California, and a gigantic merry-go-round, which I haven’t seen in any parks for probably over 15 years (probably also banned in California). Vale was fascinated by this contraption, and we were excited to let her briefly experience the taste of a more dangerous childhood.

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