Ensenada 8/9/2019

We took a 4-day trip down to Ensenada recently, which we had been wanting to do for several months. We booked an AirBnB, which was a lovely, oceanfront property slightly north of the city of Ensenada. The view was breathtaking, and you could hear the waves throughout the house. The location was convenient, being a few minutes from the city, and 20-30 minutes from wine country.

The first order of business was to eat fish tacos, for which Ensenada is well-known. Having learned from lessons past in our Mexico travels, we consulted Google, rather than Yelp, which is more prone to inflated ratings by overly generous tourists.

Kyle picked Los Originales Tacos, which was a little street stall with a few stools. Karl and Linda were rightly skeptical, but the fish tacos were indeed noteworthy. Jenn is not a fish taco enthusiast, as she does not like her seafood fried, but admitted the tacos here were excellent. The taco featured a big slab of fresh, juicy, fish, and the salsas were delicious.

After our late fish taco lunch, we went to the marina/boardwalk area to wander around. We put Vale on a mini train ride, which cruised a good length of the boardwalk. She was the sole passenger aboard this freight, and loved it. We also enjoyed some mango ice cream and a Michelada while enjoying the view. The mango ice cream was not bad, but rather average. The Michelada was savory and refreshing.

After the boardwalk, we made our way to a nearby beach, where Vale and Nanna enjoyed dipping their toes in the water as the sun started to set. We enjoyed some sweet yams, then left when it started to get chilly. Kyle felt the yams were a bit disappointing, but Jenn liked them.

We returned to tour AirBnB to relax and enjoy the patio and view, then put Vale to bed at a relatively reasonable time. Around 9:30 p.m., we drove to a nearby taqueria, Trailero, for a taco nightcap. The tacos were delicious. Having experienced a very disappointing lengua taco a couple of weeks prior in San Diego, with chewy, gristly tongue, Jenn was very satisfied with this redemption.

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