Ensenada 8/10/2019: Valle De Guadalupe

We started the day off with breakfast at our AirBnb, and a nearby hike. The hike left something to be desired, as the first quarter of a mile was littered with trash. The day was also hazy from coastal fog and/or smoky from a recent fire, so the views were not optimal. In addition, Vale did not nap well while on the hike, then insisted on getting out of the carrier, and got very dirty. Pictured below, she looks like an angry little creature on a desert death march.

After we returned home from the hike, we freshened up and headed to Valle de Guadalupe, the nearby wine region. The drive there was beautiful, and there were numerous vineyards along the wine route. We started the afternoon with lunch at Tacos El Buen Sazon. The birria was delicious, and necessary, even though it was about 90 degrees outside. We did not regret this order, despite the heat. Jenn’s favorite was the taco de borrego (lamb taco), which she had never had before. The lamb was juicy, tender, and heavenly. She also enjoyed the fish ceviche tostada, though surprisingly, this took a backseat to the performance by the taco de borrego. The refreshing, cold horchata with lunch was also perfect.

After lunch, we hit up a pretty winery called Lechuza, with nice outdoor patio space, and stylish landscaping. The wines were a bit pricey, particularly for Mexico, and tastings were $20 a person. We ended up having some glasses of blush and chardonnay, in light of the weather. The blush was a bit tart and dry, but the chardonnay was quite nice.

Afterwards, we tried to hit up another very scenic winery on a hillside property with a large expanse of grape vines, but didn’t actually taste any wine there because toddlers were not allowed in the tasting room.

We headed to a winery just around the corner, called Sol y Barro, which was a bit lonely. We were the only visitors to this place, where we had some smooth, fruity, red blends in a cool, dark tasting room. Our wine expert was friendly and chatty, and the wines were pretty good – in our opinion, better than the wines at the pricier Lachuza, so hopefully this little place gets a little more action in the future.

After wine country, we returned to our AirBnb to again relax and take in the view, before taking a walk to a nearby microbrewery called Agua Mala. Not sure why a brewery would want to name itself “bad water,” but then again, I’ve had a beer named after sewer pipe drainage, so this isn’t the weirdest name, I suppose. The beer was solid, but not dazzling. The IPA wasn’t hoppy enough for Jenn (more like an old school New England IPA).

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