12/5/2019 Yi Lan

On this day, my dad’s college buddy picked us up for a day trip to Yi Lan (宜蘭)county. Like Rao He night market, I hadn’t been here since I was 12, when my uncle (Val’s dad) took us on a trip to a children’s festival there. It was a rainy day, and we started off … More 12/5/2019 Yi Lan

Ying Ge 12/2/2019

We’d given up on the cemetery by this point, but set out on the same path to make our way to San Ying Art Village and Ying Ge Old Street(鶯歌老街). After a long walk in the drizzle, punctuated by walking paths that ended randomly due to construction or bad directions from Google Maps, we discovered … More Ying Ge 12/2/2019

San Xia 12/1/2019

We started the morning with breakfast at the little eatery downstairs, in the same building as my parents condo. Surprisingly, there was even something to Vale’s liking, 蛋餅 (egg crepe). She’s a difficult eater, so it’s always exciting when she takes more than two bites of any food. We then proceeded with another attempt at … More San Xia 12/1/2019