12/5/2019 Yi Lan

On this day, my dad’s college buddy picked us up for a day trip to Yi Lan (宜蘭)county. Like Rao He night market, I hadn’t been here since I was 12, when my uncle (Val’s dad) took us on a trip to a children’s festival there. It was a rainy day, and we started off with lunch at a restaurant with no menu (up to the chef’s whim). The opening course was a gigantic platter of sashimi, so we were off to a good start, with big chunks of fresh salmon and (yellow tail? Not sure on this, but whatever it was, it was good). Kyle enjoyed the braised pig feet, which were fatty and flavorful, except he didn’t know they were pig feet, and won’t know until he reads this. (I’ve done this one other time, with hot and sour and soup containing pig’s blood, which also flew under his radar. However, I would draw the line at weird organs and things even I wouldn’t eat).

As usual, Vale was picky, so Kyle made a phone call to Totoro to convince her to eat lunch. She actually complied, and ate quite a bit of steamed fish, which we considered a victory of sorts.

After lunch, we drove over to Xin Liao Waterfall for a brief walk. Unfortunately, the rain made the walk less pleasant, as we tromped through some mud, and got a little wet, but we were rewarded with a nice waterfall view.

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