12/6/2019 – A Day in the Life

Since the point of this visit was to spend time with family, we didn’t make too many plans, and didn’t take too many trips into the city. However, we decided to take this opportunity to enjoy little things, stay local, and get a feel for what it would be like to live here. This consisted mostly of grabbing coffee from 7-11 or Family Mart in the morning, taking Vale to parks and playgrounds, getting coffee at Louisa with my dad, eating takeout at nearby food shops, and making beer runs at Carrefour.

This morning, we browsed breakfast places on Google Maps and found a breakfast place about 10 minutes away. We tried to keep the walking to a minimum, due to the rain. We started there with a few small items, including the usual dan bing. They didn’t have coffee, so I ordered a hot soy milk for myself, and milk tea for Kyle (sweet), which he really enjoyed, stating he would consider switching to this as a morning drink if we actually lived here, since coffee tends not to be as good, or as cheap in Taiwan.

After a half-breakfast at the first place, we walked over a couple of blocks to unique little dan bing shop (在心蛋餅舖)about a 10 minute walk away. The dan bing here was filled with fresh greens, basil, and a huge, juicy, tender hunk of (braised?) tofu. It was nothing like any of the other dan bing we had, and was delicious.

Later in the day, Vale played on the play structure at the condo complex, and enjoyed messing around with umbrellas. As mundane an item it seems, we don’t have much use for umbrellas in San Diego, so this was a novel experience for her. Later, we went for a walk and had coffee and a brownie with Ye ye.

Later in the night, after Vale was in bed, we left her with the grandparents and slipped out to hit up a bar. There aren’t many bars in this area, despite it being a college town, which has always puzzled us. However, a few seem to have sprung up in our absence, and we walked to a sports bar called Paper Airplane to get some drinks. The beer selection was predictably sad, so Jenn reverted to whiskey, beginning with Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection. It was smooth and smoky, definitely better than red or black. For $200 NT (about $6), not bad at all.

She followed it up with a Johnnie Walker Double Black, but was less enthused about this one, which was harsher and smokier.

After a couple of drinks, we walked home, hoping to find some good street food on the way. Nothing appealed to us in particular, but Uber Eats came to the rescue. We ordered xiao long bao and a bunch of other munchies for dirt cheap, with the Uber Eats fee being the equivalent of about 70 cents, which was the end to a perfect night.

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