12/8/2019 – Ye Ye’s Birthday Party

Our last full day in Taiwan, we went back to Yong He Dou Jiang for breakfast, because although we’d had some good morning meals, this was still the best.

After breakfast, we went across the street to Zhong Shan park again, where we slid down the cement slides a few times, before making our way up to the upper level of the park.

The upper level of the park, which we had missed last time, had a few more fun play areas, including a very long and high tube slide. We read the warnings, which indicated the slide was for ages 6+, but chose to ignore them at our own risk. The first time Vale went down, Jenn followed quickly behind her. Jenn heard her thumping the entire way down and freaked out, but when she arrived on the bottom, Vale was standing there in the gravel, calmly, with no issue. She had a somewhat blank look on her face, and Jenn asked her if the slide went well – she said yes, though in retrospect, her response lacked a certain confidence or enthusiasm.

We made poor decisions, and decided to send her down the slide again, this time with Jenn waiting at the bottom. The second time around, Vale was not so fortunate, and went tumbling head over heels the whole way, shot out the bottom, in the opposite direction of where Jenn was waiting for her, and slid head first into the gravel. She instantly began to scream bloody murder, which attracted the attention of a some elderly people standing by the warning sign, who were now audibly judging us for our deficient parenting practices.

We made a hasty exit from the park, as Vale continued to cry. A couple of blocks away, she threatened to tell both Ye Ye and Po Po of our misdeeds. Also on the walk home, Kyle informed Jenn her leggings had holes in the butt from sliding down the cement slides [remember that foreshadowing reference from a few posts ago?] She had been walking around for god knows how long with multiple holes in the butt of her pants.

We took a longer, scenic route home, and stopped by a lake on the nearby campus. By this time, Vale had calmed down quite a bit. She enjoyed looking at the water and observing the birds hanging about.

Later in the afternoon, since were leaving the next day, we celebrated Ye Ye’s birthday early, by sharing some fruit and cakes with family.

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