Honeymoon: Taipei II

After Bali, we came back to Taipei, and went to Mao Kong, a tea growing district in the mountains in Taipei. I’ve wanted to come here probably the last three times I’ve been in Taipei, but the damn gondola is always malfunctioning. This was apparently our lucky day. We enjoyed the beautiful view (see Taipei 101 in the … More Honeymoon: Taipei II

Honeymoon: Bali

We arrived in Bali on September 8, 2013 [only about 2.5 years late on this post]. Bali is gorgeous and lush, and we stayed in the northeast part of the island in a sleepy beach town called Candidasa. There’s a small strip of restaurants and bars in the main part of town, and were able … More Honeymoon: Bali

Honeymoon: Macau

After our reception, we went to Macau with my parents. Macau is an interesting city in its unique cultural blend. It used to be a colony of Portugal, so Portuguese influence remains in the architecture and cuisine. We walked around the city when we first got there, and checked out some local food and the … More Honeymoon: Macau

Honeymoon: Taipei

To kick off our honeymoon in 2013 [very belated post], we first stopped in Taipei, where most of my family lives.  I’ve been here countless times, but there’s always something new to do. We went hiking near my parents’ place and later visited Ping Lin (平林) tea fields and Zhi Nan temple:   My parents … More Honeymoon: Taipei