Portland 10/6/2018

On our first full day in Portland, we woke up early as hell because Vale always gets us up early, and had breakfast at the hotel, including bacon, eggs, and some nice cheeses. However, somehow we ended up lingering for much longer than we expected and did not get as early of a start on … More Portland 10/6/2018

Portland 10/5/2018

Once again, we made good use of our Southwest Companion Pass by taking a long weekend and checking out Portland. Vale was mostly reasonable on the flight, and we arrived around 11 in the morning, just in time to be greeted by rain amidst the lush green landscapes. Upon landing, we immediately made use of … More Portland 10/5/2018


While on the East Coast, we also made a brief day trip to Boston before our departure. We thought New Hampshire was cold, but even there, we were able to go on a few morning jogs through the scenic suburbs in 25 degree weather (Jenn even did it in shorts one morning). On the other hand, Boston’s … More Boston