Ying Ge 12/2/2019

We’d given up on the cemetery by this point, but set out on the same path to make our way to San Ying Art Village and Ying Ge Old Street(鶯歌老街). After a long walk in the drizzle, punctuated by walking paths that ended randomly due to construction or bad directions from Google Maps, we discovered … More Ying Ge 12/2/2019

Maui – 7/12/18

Due to the lack of pictures taken this day, it is difficult for us to fully reconstruct what went down. For sure, Jenn briefly read a few pages of Civil War stories by Ambrose Bierce out on the hotel balcony, and took in the palm trees and waves while drinking sparkling grapefruit water. This was … More Maui – 7/12/18

Maui 7/10/2018

On Tuesday, we took a drive on the legendary Road to Hana, and experienced its legendary beauty as well as legendarily slow traffic. We hiked to the twin falls, where Jenn took a quick swim. As Jenn was walking along mossy rocks, the distinct scent of thick tropical foliage and sticky air on the way … More Maui 7/10/2018